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Feb 21, 2021

Today's episode is inspired by a topic I receive many questions around - CARBS, eating a high carbohydrate diet, eating many fillings of carbs and how it can not lead to weight gain? I explain how and bust myths around carbs in this episode while hopefully helping to shift your perspective on this misunderstood macronutrient.


Why we need carbs to power our brains
The types of carbs and how they effect our health
Examples of carbs to understand when grocery shopping
Low carb diet studies and long term health effects
Carbs that lower heart disease, diabetes, and types of cancers
Types of carbs that lead to weight loss
Viewing fruit from the complex vs. simple lens
Complex carbs that are processed?
How to balance complex carb portion sizes?
The Blue Zones and carbohydrates
Why do I eat my denser carbs after the LGS?

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