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Oct 18, 2020

Today's episode is a supplement spotlight on Spirulina - breaking down what it is, sharing the reported health benefits, negative effects and helping you make the best choice for your health. I share whole food alternatives and how to choose the best spirulina supplement if you decide to add it to your routine.

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Oct 11, 2020

Today's podcast episode is a Q&A answering all of your questions directly from Instagram.

Can you meal prep the LGS the night before?
How often do you have "cheat" meals?
How long did it take you to see major changes in your body?
How do you target the thigh areas?
What do you eat in a day?
Did you count calories?

Oct 4, 2020

Today's episode is on soy and whether it is harmful or a health food. I break down what soy is, its nutritional profile, the differences between natural and processed soy and all of soy's amazing health benefits you might not be aware of. You will be shocked to find out the research to support natural soy as a...