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Dec 29, 2020

We are in the last week of 2020, so I thought it would be fun to do a REVAMP Challenge for 2021 - it will be 10 days long launching on Monday, January the 4th. Today I am going to cover the top Revamp principles I want you to aim for during the 10 days and answer some common questions around each of them. Tag me @hautehealthy and #pbnprevamp so I can share your posts and we can help hold eachother accountable during the challenge.

1. Time Restricted Fasting
Does coffee break your fast? Can you put in plant milk?

2. Lean Green Smoothie (LGS)
Can you make it the night before?
How do I shop for one week to make the LGS?

3. Aim for the 80/20 Method
How to figure out the ratio by week, month?
What about minimally processed foods?

4. Eat Light to Dense
Are there studies to support light to dense?

5. Movement

+ Surprise Announcement Launching on Jan 1st