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Mar 22, 2021

This episode covers the 80/20 Method; one of the major principles I personally follow and talk about in my REVAMP Ebook for a sustainable plantbased way of living. The beauty of the 80/20 approach is that it isn't a "diet" as you aren't restricting anything or cutting out complete food groups, which results in an effective and sustainable way of eating that supports health and weight loss. 

Originations of the 80 / 20 "Diet"
What Makes Up the 80%
What Makes Up the 20%
Whole grains, whole foods, alcohol, fats and carbs.
Benefits of the 80 / 20 Method
Applying the 80/20 method to your life - how to look at it daily and weekly.
Tips to start using it in your daily routine.

Question from IG. I am iron deficient, how can I correct through a plantbased diet?