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Nov 29, 2020

Today's guest is Helen Hall, founder of Blender Bombs - the nutrient packed plantbased ball you can add to your daily smoothie, over your oatmeal or in your yogurt - to ensure you are getting all of the essential nutrients.

In this episode Helen shares her health and wellness journey, gaining 30lbs in college and how she lost it in a healthy and sustainable plant focused way. From her experience as a personal trainer and what it taught her about high intensity vs. low intensity workouts, to human design, business insight, and how she created and launched Blender Bombs, this episode goes deep.

Helen shares how Blender Bombs help to release food fear, beat cravings and finally find food freedom. We chat about living your purpose, eating a plantforward high carb diet and thriving, alcohol, a day in her life of eating 80/20, her favorite books and so much more.

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